Dywilan Wovengrass

Hybrid Turf
Professional solution for years

Natural grass reinforced with the patented woven 4SEED net

• Highly durable for more playing hours
• Always green and even surface

Hybrid turf manufactured by DYWILAN is a natural grass reinforced with a woven mat 4SEED.

Hybrid by DYWILAN ensures excellent playing conditions on a high durable natural grass reinforced with woven mat 4SEED. The woven PREMIUM class system is easy to install and service, and through proper relation between surface quality and the price, recommended over the whole pitch surface.

Hybrid turf:
  • Highly durable for more playing hours
  • Strong, durable and resistant to damage
  • Green year round natural fields
  • High water permeability
  • Safe for players
Woven mat:
  • Open structure for free flow of water, excess roots and air circulation
  • Strong woven structure and fiber lock backing
  • Keeps the ground moisture
  • Prevents natural grass roots from destruction
  • Durable, non-biodegradable fabrics

Trawa tkana
Trawa hybrydowa
Tkana mata


Diamond Wings

Diamond Wings

Non-abrasive, soft fibers for players comfort. HYBRID GRASS = MORE PLAYING HOURS


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